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How I Selected The Perfect Appliances For My Small Deli

25 Nov 15 - 03:27

Once I had decided that my small deli needed an overhaul, I set out to purchase all brand new undercounter appliances. The main reason I decided to switch out those full size appliances with the under counter design was because of my small kitchen area. This is the only option that I would have, so I went with it and I am sure happy with the tremendous results.

Everyone loves a cold glass of fresh beer, while they are waiting on their meal to arrive. This is mainly why I decided to add an under counter kegerator to my appliance list. I selected a brand that was well-known in the foodservice world. The appliance would be under a 10-Year warranty, just in case it malfunctioned or broke down at some point.

I liked the idea of owning my very own kegerator and I knew that my customers would appreciate it, as well. I selected a kegerator that was able to hold a full-sized standard keg, so I would not have to make change outs as often, as one would with the mini design.

It actually came with all of the installation hardware, step-by-step instruction guide, tower, handles, hoses, and faucets, so I did not have to purchase any additional parts. The drip pan would prevent spillage, which I knew was inevitable due to the fast work pace that my employees had to endure.

Beverage Cooler
A beverage cooler would come in handy, but where in the world would I place a huge cooler? Well, I knocked this out of the park and decided to go with the under counter design. This way my customers and employees would have the option of drinking a cold beverage, whenever they wanted.

I chose the 126 can beverage cooler, which would not need refilled, as often as the compact design. The LED lighting absolutely makes the cooler look more expensive than it truly was and I am satisfied with my purchase all the way around. I leave the blue LEDs on all night long, just to add a little glamour to the environment.

I like the fact that the cooler had a built-in lock, so that I would have the option of keeping my tiny grandkids at bay.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with under counter appliances. As a matter of fact, when you purchase these compact appliances, you can fit in more options, even if you have limited deli space.


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