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Why I Bought Under Counter Appliances For My Deli

25 Nov 15 - 03:28

As you already know, I own and operate a small deli. You have likely already familiarized yourself with my love for the under the counter appliance! If you’re interested in making the transition, but are tinkering on the edge, you should hesitate no longer. There are innumerable reasons to make the transition and I only needed a handful. For your convenience, I will provide you with my reasons for transitioning below.
Cost Effective
Although I am not a greedy individual, I unders...
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How I Selected The Perfect Appliances For My Small Deli

25 Nov 15 - 03:27

Once I had decided that my small deli needed an overhaul, I set out to purchase all brand new undercounter appliances. The main reason I decided to switch out those full size appliances with the under counter design was because of my small kitchen area. This is the only option that I would have, so I went with it and I am sure happy with the tremendous results.

Everyone loves a cold glass of fresh beer, while they are waiting on their meal to arrive. This is mainly why I decided...
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