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Why I Bought Under Counter Appliances For My Deli

25 Nov 15 - 03:28

As you already know, I own and operate a small deli. You have likely already familiarized yourself with my love for the under the counter appliance! If you’re interested in making the transition, but are tinkering on the edge, you should hesitate no longer. There are innumerable reasons to make the transition and I only needed a handful. For your convenience, I will provide you with my reasons for transitioning below.
Cost Effective
Although I am not a greedy individual, I understand that spending less will help my business earn more. Therefore, I attempt to cut down on the cost of my operations every chance I get. I found that switching to under the counter fridges and other appliances actually offered a more cost effective solution to my needs. Below, you will find out why!

  • Initial cost is much less
  • Under the counter appliances are much more energy efficient, so your energy bill is smaller
  • No need for professional installation, which made everything less costly
Although price is important, it isn’t the only reason I made the switch.
Less Heavy And Bulky
As a small deli owner, space is incredibly important. When customers begin flooding through the doors, I need to be able to serve them very quickly. If they’re forced to wait too long, they could very well leave, without placing their orders. Therefore, I need to be able to zoom right through my work area, without worrying about trip hazards. In this regard, under the counter appliances are incredibly beneficial.

This is the case, because the appliances fit directly underneath the counter and do not protrude out into the walkway. I am free to rush around without concern. Also, the appliances are significantly lighter. This helped to guarantee that I would be able to get them installed in place, without much assistance.
Much Needed Counter Space
I prepare an enormous amount of food throughout the workday. In order to perfectly prepare these foods, I must have a good amount of counter space to work with. With an under the counter appliance, I never have to worry about clogging up my workspace. Instead, the appliance sits underneath the counter and the counter’s space remains free. This guarantees that I am free to ply my trade, without rearranging items or clearing off the counter first.
At the end of the day, there are various reasons for making the switch and I have provided you with a handful. The appliances are user-friendly, convenient, beautiful, and cost effective. If you’re a business owner, I highly suggest you check them out for yourself today!



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